Nikolay Tsochev 

Interior Designer 

  • Anglo American Office, 20 Carlton House Terrace,London,SW1 5AN 


"Using a smart selection of materials in your design to deliver your client’s requirements might be risky, but is it a waste of time and money, or a rewarding action both for the designer and his client?  In this design prepared for a Worldwide mining giant with 98 years of history in business, all items picked are directly related to the corporation’s history and its area of expertise.


(Navy and Red lines used above and under the ground glass separators come from the company logo) that sentence is to obvious


 , and the colours picked for the flooring, lighting and furnishing around the atrium and all over the office space relate the design to the company’s mining background, as in the layers of the Planet Earth from its centre to the surface.


I was thinking something like the color concept of the project is to concentrate a worm and strong colors around the atrium and to fades out to the working areas to represent the layers of the earth from the core to the surface. To create one unusual experience entering the office trough the lifts. Worm and strike colors accompanying your journey to the no matter the time ore weather conditions    


Backlit Onix lighting around the atrium livens the space in an office set up on three floors, which is unlikely to receive direct light in the grey London.


The lounge design in a mix of old and traditional elements whit a new contemporary lines.Dark tones of green used with the company of black and dark brown at the entrance and the waiting lounge represents the strong roots of the company 

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